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The Hotel Antonella with its Conference Centre is the ideal location in Pomezia for the business community.
For over twenty years, the hotel has provided its guests with a comprehensive offering that covers every detail that may be required for an ad hoc event, a product launch, a press conference, business meetings, conferences and gala dinners.
This is largely thanks to specially designed and exclusive spaces that are available for clients who are looking to organise a corporate event that provides maximum comfort and functionality for attendees.

The hotel is rightly proud of what it can offer as one of the largest conference centres in Pomezia and the surrounding area. Inside the hotel, you’ll find two conference rooms that together can accommodate up to 800 people. The two rooms can accommodate 500 and 300 people respectively and can be divided into four or five smaller spaces thanks to state-of-the-art soundproofing and moveable, retractable partition walls.
In addition to the above, the Hotel Antonella in Pomezia is also able to offer 15 meeting rooms which are in smaller sizes with a capacity that ranges from 5 to 100 participants. These, therefore, are perfect for smaller, more intimate meetings as well as being suitable for slightly larger numbers of attendees.
Inside the conference centre, you’ll also find secretarial rooms and a control room from which the audio, video and lighting can be coordinated.

All the rooms are equipped with free Wi-Fi access, ceiling video projectors, (with the option for multi-projectors), retractable automatic screens, an integrated and mobile audio system, microphones and audio arcs, a boardroom table, podiums, lecterns, stationery, mineral water for both the speakers and the participants, notepads and pens. You will also have access to our technical staff to assist with starting up the meetings or setting up the audio/ video mixer organisation in the reception area, modular platforms and raised stages, directional signage with LCD TV screens in the reception area, slide changers and laser pointers, posters and flipchart easels, photocopying services, translation services, a hostess service and a coffee station in the conference/meeting room.
The Hotel Antonella with its Conference Centre in Pomezia enables guests to organise their own bespoke event down to the last personalised detail.
We are able to do this thanks to the flexibility of the individual spaces and being able to offer the option of different layouts such as in a theatre, school desks, a horseshoe arrangement, single tables or lines of tables, a cabaret or restaurant venue.
In addition to this, the Hotel’s in-house Bar and Restaurant will enable the organisers to arrange for coffee breaks, a business lunch or a gala dinner.

Organise your event in a Hotel with a Conference Centre in Pomezia.
Choose the 4 Star Hotel Antonella.