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Hotel near Zoomarine

One of the many benefits of staying at the Hotel Antonella is its proximity to Zoomarine, one of the most spectacular water theme parks in Italy which is just 10 km from the hotel.
The amusement park is located in Torvaianica in the municipality of Pomezia and can be reached in just a few minutes by car.
You just need to drive along the Via Monte d’Oro towards Via di Pratica / SP104b; along the Via del Mare until you reach the Via dei Romagnoli; then from the Via dei Romagnoli on to Via Zara.

The Hotel Antonella which is so close to Zoomarine also offers free private parking. This is an additional plus for those who are coming to the area specifically in order to visit the famous theme park.
Thanks to reserved parking, guests can travel to the hotel with ease in their own car and then travel on to the Zoomarine theme park itself from here.
The theme park covers an area of approximately 40,000 square metres and boasts 19 different attractions.
In operation since 2005, the park has aquatic roller-coasters, flat rides, water slides on rafts, water slides in the pool, a multi-sensory 3D cinema, a 4K cinema, a dark ride, a Montagne Russe roller coaster ride, splash battles, an aquatic playground, a zipline, a house of horror and an aquatic mega-playground.

Another plus when staying at the Hotel Antonella is that it is close to the world famous Cinecittà. This complex houses the most important and most famous film studios in Italy and is just 30 km from the hotel.
The film studios can be reached in about 40 minutes by car taking the SS148 and then the A90/E80 in the direction of Via Tuscolana; then taking Exit 21-22 from the A90/E80 and continuing along the Via Tuscolana, heading in the direction of Via Antistio.
The Cinecittà Studios were built between 1936-1937and cover a total area of some 400,000 square metres.
Some 3,000 films have been shot here, 90 of which have received an Oscar nomination and 47 of those, have won at least one award.
In addition to being the most famous venue for film production in Italy, it also hosts major events, exhibitions and houses the Italian Audio-Visual and Cinema Museum.

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